Friday, April 13, 2012


WHEN the Tanzania are proceeding with the cries of their be loving actor Steven Kanumba, the news have com out that Yangan Member club  committee Theonist Rutashoborwa has passed away the night of yesterday in his own home Dar es Salaam.

Speaking to journalist yesterday in Dar es Salaam the public relation officers of Yanga Luis Sendeu confirm that Rutashoborwa has died yesterday night at his own home.

Sendeu said, Rutashoborwa is the Yangan member who participates very well in that club in bringing Yusuph Manji to sponsor the club in 2006.

He said that, Rushoborwa get Yusuf Manji from harambee which done because of lack enough money in the club having in that period during the ruling of Francis Kifukwe who was the couch of Yanga in that period.

Sendeu said he will call the media by 11.00 am to tell this issue.