Monday, April 16, 2012


By Correspondent Elisante William

THE hip hop musician from Tanga Tanzania Roma Mkatoliki asks the others musicians to stop loosing hope and work hard by act through learning from the past musicians.

Speaking during the receiving of Kilimanjaro Music award which has done in Dar es Salaam  on Saturday 14 April Roma said, most of the artist  are loosing hope in music and live the art because of loosing hope.

He said, if the musician will loose hope in music activities he or she will never meet the success.

“I would like to give a secret to my fellow musician especially the upcoming that the good thing is to keep hard in thinking the best verses  without loosing hope and ask god to help you”, said Roma.

In the Kilimanjaro music award, Roma has get two award as the best hip hop musician and his song of Mathematics has get award as best song of Hip hop where by their with Jo Makini, Godzilla, Izzo Business and Fid Q.

The others musicians that has get the award are Diamond which get three of  best video through Moyo Wangu, the best male performer of the year, and award of the best composer of the year.

The best female which get award because of performing very well and entertain people in the year is Khadija Kopa the Taarab Singer.

Also the producer of AM record Maneke has get award as the best producer of music.

The other are the best tradition songs Vifuu Utundu by the singer AT, best Kiswahili Song Dunia Daraja by Twanga pepeta, best R&B song my number one fan by Ben paul and Best Afro pop Hakunaga by Sumalee.

However there is other award of, Best East African song Kigeugeu by Jaguar from Kenya, song of the year hakunaga by Sumalee.

The End.