Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have heard so many things over the past year. I try and tell myself "they don't know any better." Oh, how I am thankful they don't know. That is what we call innocence in the grief support group I go to. I do however want to vent about people saying " I would Die If I Lost My Child." It makes my skin crawl. It's like saying " I love my child more then you love yours." Don't get me wrong, I feel like dieing, and part of me already has. How selfish of me to do that to Drew, my innocent, sweet, albeit rambunctious 7 year old. He has already endured more then any child should. He watched his sister be so sick. I left him for weeks at a time to be at a hospital 2 hours away, he was whisked away as his sister was dieing in my arms not knowing that he would NEVER see her again. I could never do that to him. Then there is my parents. I know what it's like to lose a child. I could never choose to make them live this life. They already have to deal with the lose of their granddaughter and endure the pain of watching their child face the worst thing in the world, and there is nothing they can do. How could I do that to James, the only other person who knows how I truly feel. You will die a different death, an emotional one, but not a physical one. It will hit you, that no matter how painful it is to lose your child, you are not honoring their memory at all by dieing. I look forward to the day I die, because I will once again be with my baby girl. I want it to be when it's my time though, right now I need to be here for my son. I don't love Rylee any less because I'm still here living.